Who We Are

OUR Restroom (One Unisex Restroom) is an initiative that works to educate business owners about the importance of gender neutral single-stall restrooms. Patrons of local businesses can use our website to access free, informative materials to help businesses better understand the importance of unisex restrooms for transgender & gender non-conforming folks, as well as for many others in the larger community!

The OUR Restroom Team

Kristin Russo
Founder, Executive Director

Creative Director

Lil Zee
Community Outreach

In the summer of 2016, Kristin Russo, who heads up LGBTQIA organizations Everyone Is Gay and My Kid Is Gay, teamed up with musician and activist Allison Weiss launch OUR Restroom. After successfully raising over $15,000 in funding through IndieGoGo, they started their endeavor to educate businesses everywhere on the importance of gender neutral restrooms. What started as outreach to local businesses quickly morphed into research into the maze of building codes and laws for each individual state. Through the incredible commitment of a dedicated team of volunteers, OUR Restroom is looking ahead towards a future of gender neutral single stall restrooms everywhere no matter what it takes.

Sarah Factor

Sarah Factor is a singer/songwriter who grew up in Toronto, Canada and lives in Brooklyn, NY with her wife and two cats . She teaches preschool, and runs her own business, Story, Song & Sign, teaching sign language through music to babies and toddlers all over NYC. Sarah is passionate about educating her community and local businesses about the importance of gender neutral restrooms, and is glad to be working with OUR Restroom on our endeavors.


Zoe Regan

Zoe is 27 and is perhaps the only person you will ever meet from South Dakota (or so everyone says upon meeting her.) She is now a proud New Yorker who lives in Brooklyn with her wife and two cats. She enjoys cheese, theatre, singing, sewing, and smashing the patriarchy.

Becca and Lisa Friday

Becca and Lisa Friday have been married for almost 3 years. ¬†Lisa works for a lighting and rigging company. She has a passion for fishing and skiing. Becca is works freelance in museum education and production. She loves yoga and mastering new vegan recipes. We live the D.C. area and feel so fired up about being in the nation’s capital during this tumultuous time. We march and rally whenever we possibly can! OUR Restroom has been a great way to effect change in our immediate community. Lisa is a transgender woman and Becca identifies as queer when forced to choose a label.¬†