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Have you recently visited a local establishment that has gendered, single-stall restrooms? This is where you can tell us all about it, and then we will do the rest!

Every day, hundreds of thousands of billions of us visit offices, bars, restaurants, cat cafes, and more… and many of them have single-stall restrooms that are gendered. Any time you visit an establishment that has those gendered signs on their single-stall restrooms, you just run right here and tell us all about it!

The form on the right is where you can input all of the necessary information, which then flies through a speedy internet tunnel to our desktops. From there, we send an informative postcard to the business, and send them a note on Twitter if you’ve given us their handle! After that, if we haven’t heard back, we will give them a call or send them an email to follow up, and we will do any and all the work required to help them change their restrooms signs.

If you want to report a larger, corporate establishment (ie: Starbucks, McDonalds, Target), please email us instead of using the form, as we have a different team in charge of those larger corporate conversations!

As more local establishments get added in specific cities, we will begin working with legal teams to help change the city laws, as seen in places like New York City, Philly, Seattle, and Austin, to change these signs once and for all.

Pretty cool, right?

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